Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Joined "The Vault"!

The wonderful website "The Raw Food Rehab" has a program called The Vault.  It's an 11 week commitment program to eating raw, taking care of yourself, exercising, and finding a solid spiritual path for yourself in those few short weeks.  I decided to join because if I change locations (from the PAC NW to DC) the stresses will be different, but it will still be stressful. 

In these 11 weeks (and then some), I'll also be undergoing a major health change by reducing my prednisone by 5 mgs a month based on the treatment plan my Hopkins doctors have in store for us.  At 40 mgs a day, that means I'd be off prednisone in 8 months if all goes well.  If I can rebalance my body in that period of time, I will then have to face what to do with myself!  I'll also have to start rebuilding that retirement account I thought I'd never use!  I'll do it happily! 

Will raw work?  I don't know.  Am I skeptical.  Yes, a little bit.  Do I have hope?  More than I probably should.  Will I go for it?  YOU BET!

To start The Vault (July 10th), I have to post a picture and physical stats.  I've done that because I already captured that information for this experiment.  My weigh in day will change from Tuesdays to Friday/Saturday or Sunday at the latest.  I have to post once a week to keep an active status in The Vault.  It will be interesting to meet all the new people.  They are just wonderful so far.

For my own Food Health Experiment, I have to get my stat's done for this month, but the good part is that I've captured the data.  I just have to do the math...yuck. 

This week had its "downs".  I didn't loose any weight, but I didn't gain any either.  For being out and about, (5 days in DC coming off a 10 day visit with my little sister and her kids) I think I did OK.  The "up" side is I didn't gain either.  I was exactly as before.

My back pain has really curtailed what I can do.  I hope to be better soon.  I seem to keep re-injuring myself in the evening while reading in bed or rolling over, etc.  Nothing like lightening volts of pain shooting across your lower back to make you never want to move again.  My brain screams, "Call 911...call 911!"  A few short breathes and it seems to get better.

Wish me luck with The Vault.  It will take me through to September 24th and 30mgs prednisone, if all goes as planned.  I don't see the eye doctor until July 20th to record the exact status of my eyes and can start tapering after that's done.  I'm still waiting for my doctor to chime in on his thoughts about going to DC for tapering.  Hope he'll send something soon.

Take care all!

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