Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Raw Food Pot Luck on Bainbridge Island! Yippie!

I am so psyched!  I received an email from the organizer, Rain, as well as an invite to their Yahoo Group to get started.  The next pot luck is July 26th.  I hope there is a good turnout.  Rain said there are about 25 people registered with the group, but they only tend to have 10 or so show up each pot luck.  Either way, I'm so glad to meet other people here who are following raw food and can work with me, maybe, to get some more restaurant choices on menus!

Health-wise, I saw a wound care specialist yesterday.  We had a great appointment and he really understands what's happening with me.  He said spot on my leg that's not healing looks health enough to heal, but because of all my complications, it may take longer than expected.  I'm cool with that.  I feel good vibes from this dr. and know he'll do all he can to help me.  The best part is he gave me compression stockings!  Ohhhhhh...very oh, la, la!  Only the best Italian grandma's flash those kinda knee highs!  But, it will help with my poor swollen ankles and feet.  One day, and it's already better.  I could get on semi-normal shoes today for the first time in weeks.

Raw food?  Doing well.  I did have my first cooked meal in a month yesterday, but I decided it was best to make it a vegan meal.  I love Indian food, so I chose to go to Chutney's Grille on Capitol Hill.  Their write up's talk about how they use fresh produce and make everything from scratch.  It was quite good for taste, but I will admit it didn't make me pine after cooked food.  I only pined over the leftovers of my Saag Chole (spinach with chickpeas) and rice because it was delicious.  I also had a tomato based bisque soup with summer veggies.  Very tasty too, though it was a bit hot for my mouth now that I'm getting used to cooler foods.  My glucose did as before when I had a cooked dinner, by lunch I was in the 200's, but normalized quickly.  So, I'm still off all diabetes meds, with a smile and a "yatta ta ta" dance.

It's still pretty easy.  I enjoy making my own food.  I enjoy the food I'm eating.  It tastes wonderful to me.  I never thought I'd be following a vegan diet, but here I am.  Periodically, I'll have a craving for eggs or cheese, but not enough to make me go back to diabetic medications.  I'm sure I'll be able to have a traditional farm breakfast some day, just as a splash out, but by the time I'm ready to splash, I may not want it.  Strange as that seems to me.  Breakfast out was my favorite meal out.  Now, it's next to impossible unless I go get a smoothie somewhere.  Not many choices on the "where" these days, though there is a place on the Island that sells a few smoothies.   I had one this afternoon, and I like mine better!

Time to rest up and read a bit.  Checked out a bunch of cook books on Indian food from the library in hopes of finding good recipes to use or convert.

Peace, love, out!


  1. wohooo!! so great to see you doing this well!!! wow more power to you Stacey!!

  2. Hey you!! Just found your blog :). See ya this weekend in the big V.