Monday, June 28, 2010

Discombobulated Days!

Nothin' like a red-eye to mess up you're system!  But, I'm here in Washington, DC for a very important purpose.  I'm going to see my former Rheumatologist at Johns Hopkins to set up a treatment plan for the next 6 months or so.  It's a very pivotal point because it could mean I have to return to the DC area temporarily or permanently depending on how it goes.  There are goods and not so goods about both, but I'm rolling with whatever needs to happen if it helps my health.

My little sister and kidlets left earlier on Sunday than my red-eye, but as far as food goes, I flopped from the frying pan to the fire when it comes to challenges.  I'm staying at a dear friend's house and she's more than accomodating.  She and her husband were driving back from a family party, so i came into a house all stocked with foods I need and a blender on the counter!  WHOO-HOO!  I've got the best friends in the world :). 

I've made up some food already, so I'm ready to go!  We went out to Korean tonight and I had bibimbop, which is semi-raw.  Avoided the rice and miso, so I think I did much better than I might have done.  We'll be doin' Korean again on Thursday (she is Korean by you may guess) and whenever we see our group of friend's, it's always around the grilling table at a Korean restaurant based on our demands. She does the ordering and we eat quite well!  There is a cold noodle dish I might have.  It's semi-raw also, the noodles are buckwheat and cooked, but served in a cold broth with lightly blanched veggies.  Better than many choices. 

Tuesday night, I'll be having dinner with another friend who specifically looked up a raw menu for us to meet Raw needs.  How sweet is that??  I'm making the every popular chocolate mousse for her as a thank you.  She's very dairy intolerant and this may change her world!  :) 

After several days of hard raw focus, my glucose is easing back down to under 125.  I don't think it will stay there as I make some cooked food choices, but I'll do the best I can.  I have to do it or it's back on the meds.

We're coming up on the one month summary!!  Can't wait to review the data and get it all in order.

Stay tuned....

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