Friday, June 25, 2010

Wednesday was a dawn to dusk'er!

Yesterday, my visiting little sister and her kidlets (as they are known), spent the day in Seattle doing the tourist thang!  They were going to take the bus, but I wanted them to see more than was possible that way so I chauffeured them around so they wouldn't have to find parking, find places, find everything!  It was a very nice day, until....

I emailed to say I was on my way to meet them for lunch.  They were supposed to have rode the monorail from the 1962 World's Fair to see the Space Needle and the Pacific Science Center by then.  Well, I get an email back saying "Our Go Seattle passes are messed up."  Greeeeeaaat!  I convinced her that was the best way to go and here, something's wrong.  Come to find out, when we picked the one-day passes up, she was supposed to received 3 children's cards and 1 adult card.  The ticket booth person insisted that she needed only 1 child's card that held all three passes on it.  Uh...NO.

 The monorail folks didn't catch it, so my sister got to the Seattle Center, several miles from the ticket booth for the GO passes, and could not do anything that was scheduled.  She forgot my email...and I wasn't checking, so it really wouldn't have mattered...and she lost 2.5 hours on a day pass.  I vented my spleen using every horrible non-curse phrase that could be said in front of kidlets on our way to back to the ticket place (Stupid Cow!  Idiot's Son!, etc.)
She got the passes fixed.  The ticketing company said they couldn't issue a refund because the purchase was made through a third party company (regardless that  it wasn't the third party's fault anyway) so the they gave her a dinner cruise for her and the three kidlets to Blake Island and dinner at Tillicum Village, a small historic post for native American culture.  We had to pay for my dinner, but that was it.

The food was fine, but mostly cooked.  I was too hungry by then to forgo the whole buffet (meaning the cooked stuff) and I knew my glucose would make me pay for it.  It did.  Today, after having so many days in a row with a cooked dinner, my lunch reading was 235.  An all time high since June 1st.  So, I now know that I will never be able to follow a median raw diet where I eat raw most of the day and have semi-cooked dinner with the family.  Maybe in time once my body's balance is back in order it may be somewhat possible, but only time will tell.  I'm back on track today and had a full raw day.  Hopefully my glucose will praise me for it tomorrow!

Today was a slower day.  Chiropractor said things are progressing nicely.  I'm at that point where I feel better and can do some real retro-damage by trying to do too much too soon.  I expressed this to the Dr. and he smiled and shook his head in agreement.  After, I did the chores I needed to complete around town and came home for a lovely lunch of Pea, Spinach and Pesto soup, herbed cashew cheese and flax crackers.  Made up a new batch of crackers, and tried out a few recipes with dehydrating flavored cabbage like kale chips.  It will be interesting to see if the cabbage works out.  It's less expensive, always available, and could be quite a nice change up from my ever-enjoyed kale chips.

With the last whisps of energy, I organized my counter tops that were very cluttered in the shift over from cooked food to raw food as primary.  It was "canning glass jars bouncing on the floor" accidents just waiting to happen.  A remedy was needed, and quick!  The hardest part will be the rote action to an objects former location, knives are on the right corner space....but now, LEFT!  ugh.  Change is the spice of life, eh?

Hi-ho,'s off to bed I go!

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