Saturday, June 26, 2010

Iron tablets, UGH!

Before starting the Great Food Health Experiment, I was diagnosed with Anemia.  It was one of the "slippery slope" diagnosis that helped me realize I had to keep trying new things to heal myself.  Since last June, when I was first diagnosed anemic, I've managed to get the general anemia under control but my iron stores are continually low.  This means....iron tablets.  UGH!  Nothing gives me a sour, painful stomach faster than iron.  I've been able to take prednisone at high doses for years without this type of trouble, but he minute I pop the ol' iron pill...ouch.

The only thing that seems to help is putting something soothing in the tummy with the pill.  Sadly, there are not many super-soothers in the raw world that I know of yet.  What I used to eat was fiber cereal because it was filling, had fiber I needed and seemed to calm the discomfort.  As a processed, baked, wheat-based gluten item, it is no longer a possibility.  Many of the toasted cereals in the raw world are from gluten-based berries.  I don't know yet if I have a gluten problem, but I do know that wheat = carbs = glucose impacts.  So, I'll have to decide what to do when July testing of foods begins again.

With all the cooked food eating I've been doing in the last week's dinners, getting my glucose back under control has been quite the challenge.  My readings have been very high and still worries me.  I haven't hit the threshold set by my Dr., but I'm getting close.  I've had 2 days of very raw (90%+) and I'm still getting higher readings than I like.  The only other impact is the fruits and veggies I've selected:  green peas for soup, dates as sweet snack, and a cube or two of the forbidden mango that I was cutting up to put into the freezer.

This morning we have "Pancake Breakfast" scheduled and I made my raw pancakes last night.  Flipped them in the dehydrator before I sat at the computer and tested the outcome with a bit of the residual dough that stuck to the teflex sheet.  Might have ruined my glucose reading for this morning...sigh.

I guess I'm feeling the trials and tribulations more these days.  Not with the food, the prep or the lack of anything, but more with the nitty-gritty of trying to figure out what I can eat or can't eat or shouldn't eat in the raw world to keep my glucose under control.

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