Monday, June 21, 2010

Hurricane Ridge!

Well, my next big challenge came along: spending a whole day out of the house!  For Father's Day and my little sister and kidlets visiting, we went hiking at Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Forest (WA), an alpine meadow environment in the middle of the forest. I brought all my food and they had a few things like carrots and olives that I could eat.

The night prior, I made some oatmeal cookies a la Juliano (yes, just JULIANO...with a flourish!) from his book "Raw: The Un-cookbook".  They are pretty good.  Not like a full out baked cookie, but close enough to make the mind and tummy happy. 

The hike was lovely!  There was still snow on the ground in places and covering parts of the trail.  I was OK until we reached a point where the snow was a good 1/3 mile over the trailway.  It was so soft that my hiking poles would set, then sink.  I didn't bring my snow "shoes" for the poles, so that ended my hiking with the group.  Balance it too far off to risk such treks.

Because I stayed behind on a scenic spot bench, I had 2 deer come very close to me and say "HI".  This one was the second of three.  The third met me at the entrance to the trail.  When the family was gone for so long (4 kids, 3 adults and a jog stroller), I thought it best that I hike down not knowing how slow I'd have to go.  Didn't want to hold anyone up when I knew based on time, that they'd be close to the breaking point; especially the 3 year old.

At the car, I offered to buy dinner for the crew.  My Bro in law likes Mexican, so that's where we headed.  I knew Mexican would be a difficult place for me to find anything that was fully Raw without eating just lettuce, but it was Father's Day and I wanted to do something nice for him.

I ended up with the best cooked option I could find; vegetable fajita, no dairy stuff, and extra guacamole.  I had 3 small tortillas and gave my last one to Lauryn (the oldest of the kidlet crew) because I could tell she was still hungry. 

My blood sugars this AM weren't too bad, 135, but it does show me how quickly eating off raw can impact my numbers.  Higher than if I have a raw day complete, but not too bad. 

Today is semi-correction day.  We have a "Dinner out with the Adults" planned for tonight, which means cooked food again.  But, I'm still going very raw most of the time.  We picked a seafood restaurant because that much easier for me to manage.

Headed out to hit the beach on Puget Sound a few blocks from the house with the kidlet crew, then the mall for niece #2 to get her ears pierces (oh, milestones, milestones!).  The adults will clean up and head to Seattle for our dinner at Elliot Bay.

Happy Raw Day!! : )

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