Saturday, June 12, 2010

Raw Foods Class with Heather Haxo Phillips!

What a day!  What FOOD!  Ms. Haxo Phillips is a Raw Foods Chef from San Francisco.  She tours around Whole Foods Stores giving raw food demonstration and preparation lessons. 

Today's first class was "Forget Cooking" that covers many of the basics of raw foodism, and included 5 of her favorite "best hits" recipes that both raw foodists and non-raw'ers enjoy.  It has made me crave yet one more gadget, a spiral slicer for making vegetable noodles.  : )  Her zucchini noodles were much better than my mandoline/hand cut ones from earlier this week.  They just looked so good and tasted great!  She put a marinara with her zuke...delicious. 

The second class, in the afternoon, was all about desserts or "Divine Desserts".  Just fabulous tasting sweets that...get this...hardly raised my blood sugars.  After sampling, blueberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream, key lime pie, a truffle, a lemon cranberry cookie, a sliver of chocolate hazelnut cake with fudge frosting and raspberries, my glucose reading 45 minutes after finishig was 140!  I could hardly believe it!! 

Yesterday was the last day on insulin.  I got up the courage to stop the last 10mgs of insulin and my glucose has been better today than any day since starting a raw diet and dropping my medication dosages. 

Tomorrow, if I make it to class, is Breakfasts and Brunches.  I have done a number on my back and its making me crazy. : (  I don't know how I'm going to sleep tonight, much less feel tomorrow.  It will have to be bad if I'm going to miss out on this class.  There are two recipes I'm aching to have:  1) oatmeal - which I love, and 2) cinnamon rolls! 

The last of the exciting news today is Living Light, a premiere vegan/raw foods chef school, has a video contest happening.  I'm scared but excited at the opportunity.  You have to present your own recipe and you have 5 minutes to do it.  If I submit, I'll have to get my video read this week because it's due June 30th.  My little sister is arriving in town on June 18th and we all depart on the same day, june 27th (me to DC for a Dr's appointment at Johns Hopkins and my sister and family, back home to the midwest). 

A part of the evaluation is if people vote for you having the best video.  The winner receives a grant for a class at the insitute, plus presenting online at a the Living Light Chef's showcase in August that will be broadcast worldwide!  What an opportunity!  I wish I was better prepared, but I guess you go with what'cha got!

Need to rest, if the ol' lady back will permit me some shut eye.  So much exciting news! Who would have thought raw food could bring this much excitement to life, eh?

Peace/love, out!

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