Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Today Marks 1 Week

A summary of the week:

I started eating 80-90% raw foods meals on Tuesday, June 1st.  I did a bit of a practice day on May 31st, at about 50%, and it felt good.  I charged into Tuesday looking forward to it.

Many may think that my meals must be salad upon salad upon salad...but no!  I am a woman of research!  I am a woman of my times who is a complete and utter slave to the web, and happily so!  I found so many good sites for recipes and suggestions.  I joined several groups and one fantastic communtiy called "Raw Food Rehab" that is filled with wonderful, thoughtful people. 

I also found the website for James Russell, an English Chef who makes some incredible and amazing food without lighting the stove.  His creations are posted on his blog, if you'd like to see some of the Best of the Best creations in Raw Cuisine.  He uses a dehydrator, blenders and some very sharp knives, but all his food is created without heating any of it above 118 degrees.  It's stunning and quite an achievement. 

My other new favorite site is Raw on $10 a day or less by Lisa V.  It was a great starting point where I didn't have to think, all I had to do was make her listed recipes for Mango Breakfast Pudding or Tomato Basil Soup for lunch, a mushroom broccoli marinade for dinner and many other options.  She is also an artist and her painting are fabulous.  It's worth going to her site just to link over to her work.  I'm a big fan and promote her were I can!  Support Art! :)  

Health-wise, I have nothing but good to report.  I have more energy than I've had in months.  I am sleeping better, more deep with less wake up disturbances than before last week.  I never feel that gut heavy fullness (thank goodness) and it' not because I'm not eating or not eating filling foods.  I agreed with my sister to weigh in, and I've lost 5 lbs, though their the same 5 lbs. that I put on right before starting "The Experiment" when I was going through a period of "the not enough food in the world to feed me" phase.  I feel good and this is working. 

I'm almost off all diabetic medications, except for taking 10mg's insulin.  I'm alittle trepidation of stopping all diabetic meds so soon but, if my numbers are like today's on the morrow, I may have to stop completely.  I'm dipping into the 80's and 90's and both ends of the day with a 190ish posting mid-day.  Very good ranges.

In my weekly summary questions that I keep on my health data website I ask, "Will you continue?"  The answer this week is an absolute YES!  On to Week 2...

Upcoming events:  I was able to enroll in the Raw food preparations classes at Redmond Whole Foods on Saturday and Sunday (June 12-13) and I'm so excited.  I decided to stay over night in Redmond in place of hauling myself back and forth after taking 2 sessions on Saturday.  Stay tuned!


  1. Always wondered if I would enjoy a cooking class. I guess my worry is that it would either be too basic or too advanced. I always worry that I would be wasting my time or just be really confused and way behind everyone else.

  2. Fly and be free, Young'un! Cooking classes are great fun (and a lot of lovely, beautiful, young single women go to them, sometimes hoping to meet a good guy in the bargain. You learn alot about how to feed yourself nicely at home, and as for being behind or advance, just ask questions before you enroll. Ask to speak to the intructor if the registration person doesn't know enough about the class to tell you. It's your money, honey, ask questions!

    As you know, food is a bonding experience and what better way to have commonality than sharing the cooking. Good way to ask for a "dinner date" too...come over and make the recipes together. I'm your matchmaker...umm,Dude is it? hahah