Friday, June 18, 2010

She gets the "bad blogger" award this week!

I just noticed that I missed blogging for 2 days!  Bad girl!

Today is a transfer of information.  I met this amazing, undaunting woman on my Raw Foods Rehab blog site but I think she need to come out in the open.  Out of the composter, in to the real world.  No more being sheltered in a community of like-minded individuals.  She must don her cape in public.  She must stand for the truth and righteousness of natural foods.  She must get a haircut one of these days, but it is too late for that today!

Everyone, I'd like you to meet...Raw Woman:  Your Everyday Super Heroine. 

"Raw Woman: Your Everyday Super Heroine" - Episode 1

She stands upon an earthen mound of compost envisioning her cape fluttering in the wind. Her hands rest gently, yet firmly on her hips as she gazes into the bright, noon day sun. A satisfied smile graces her lips. At a glance, it is obvious she does not go for the glam seen in most super heroine garb, but a pair of blue demim overalls rolled at the cuff and black Croc boots to keep her dainty feet shod and dry.

Contemplating to mow the lawn or start filling her composter, she knows that a super heroine's work is never done, but it is life and what makes it wonderful.

"Raw Woman: Your Everyday Super Heroine" - Episode 2

When we last met Raw Woman, she was torn -- in conflict of which heroic deed to perform first-- mowing her lawn or starting her composter; only for her to get up caught musing about the beauties of life. But, being a Super Heroine, she managed to do all three with the speed of the wind and the skill of a bird in flight.

Changed back into her "everyday woman" disguise of yoga pants, a print t-shirt, and her comfy slip on sandals, she intermingles with the rest of the world -- the "normal" people -- marvelling at how the secrets of her super powers are at there fingertips but their walls...oh so many walls...prevent them from grasping the power that is now hers.

Sighing as she reaches for a beautfully ripe, organic bundle of kale and smiles knowing that some day her seceret will be out. But until then, the best kale will her hers, oh yes, it WILL be hers!

Stay tuned for our next episode of "Raw Woman: Your Everyday Super Heroine"

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