Friday, June 11, 2010

Some days, I tell ya'...

I may have mentioned - then again, maybe not - that I am deaf.  It is one of the hallmarks of Cogan's Syndrome Vasculitis, the autoimmune disease that I'm trying to "raw" out of my body.  I have cochlear implants (CI's) that help with sound, but they are not the natural ear.  Most days, I'm perfectly content with the hearing loss.  There are certain triggers that frustrate me, but overall, I'm OK with it.  I prefer not using my CI's unless I'm around other people and it would make things easier if I wore them.

Well, today, I had one of my deaf frustration issues pop up.

My Excaliber arrived!  I ordered a supermachine dehydrator and I was so excited I found a new place for it in the kitchen, plugged the sink to wash the trays, and get started!  I left the kitchen and saw an email pop up.  I sat down and replied, taking my time.  Oh, a good 20 minutes later my brain finally caught up with my body, but it was too late.  I had completely flooded the kitchen, the countertop by the sink, the floor all the way out into the dining area.  I "woke up" just as the water was about to reach me sitting at my computer in the living room.  UGH!  Deaf girl strikes again.  When you don't hear the water running, splashing down the drawer faces like a Hawaiian waterfall, you tend to get flooding. I did this once before with a bathroom sink at another house.  So frustrating.

But, that is neither here nor there in regard to Raw or my health, except that a tool that is supposed to help my health racked up some serious stress levels for me and my back, that wasn't happy with me before the water clean up, is now really cranky with me.  Luckily, I have a carpet machine that most of the water vacuuming for me.  Worked quite well, I must say.

Due to water duty, I was late in fixing my dinner but I made it to the table in time to eat with everyone else.  I was thrilled to have a recipe that was so quick at my fingertips.  I got it put together in less than 1/2 hour.  No pictures today.  No time or patience left in me for such things.  But, I had Marinated Portobello Mushrooms with nut cheese sauce, snap peas, and beet/greens juice.  I knew I needed the juice to give me some "umph" after the stress and the work I'd done.
Before Niagra Stacey's, this morning was "get the patio ready for company" day.  I started at 10am and worked until 1pm, weed whacking, sweeping, planting, rearranging how my garden containers are laid out, and, most importantly, started my compost bin.  Yeah!  I kept waiting for the sun to come out and dry the lawn so I could use the grass as the foundation material but it didn't happen until late in the day and I was busy with the indoor water problem by then.

Now, this does have direct corrolation to raw:  I was amazed I could keep going for 3 hours straight doing physical work.  I haven't had they kind of ability in years.  People always talk about the "energy" they have when they go on the raw food diets, but I never really understood until today.  That I could do all that work in one push...I truly have not been able to do anything like that in years.  I can get one thing done, but have to stop.  What a thrill to be able to be alittle like a normal person!

I'm tired though and look forward to my pillow alittle earlier than usual today. : ) 

Buenas Noches, mis amigos!

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