Saturday, June 5, 2010

It's day 5 and we have news!

It's only been 5 days, but my blood sugars are PLUMMETTING!! I'm stunned. I've gone from taking 30mgs insulin, 1000mg's metformin, and 1 mg Glimiperide to 10mgs insulin, no metformin and the 1 mg glimiperide. This has been the only way over the last 3 days to keep my blood sugars HIGH enough to be good. STUNNING!! I hope to be off all diabetic meds by next week.

I'll make an appt. to see my Dr. if it sticks for 2 weeks beyond stopping the meds. I self-monitor, which is a part of diabetic education, so I'll just keep watching very, very closely as this experiment continues.

As for Raw Food, I'm obsessed!  I spend all day lurking sites and posting to various forums.  I checked out a recipe book called "RAW" from the library (among many other recipe books and info).  It was written by Charlie Trotter and Roxanne Klein (of the famous Charlie Trotter's in Chicago).

It is one of the most beautiful food books I've seen.  I can't image being able to recreate anything that looks that good, but I'm going to try!  They truly make Raw Haute Cuisine.  Very impressive and luscious.  Not everyday food, but for special occasions.  Which brings me to my philosophy of the day...
While reading Victoria Boutenko's "12 Steps to Raw Foods", I was struck by something she said and that I've heard others say, is that food is fuel and we need to focus on that.  We need to detach from food being connected to events, like sugary cakes on birthday's, overeating on holidays, etc.  Put a "just say no" attitude on special occasions so that the "one bite" won't blow away weeks, months, or years of commitment like an addict taking that drink or drug.
I'm all for understanding how we build huge expectations and patterns around holidays.  People love ritual.  Beliefs give us meaning in life and enactment of rituals re-affirm and remind us daily of our beliefs.  A friend of mine from old went Kosher in her home not because she believe kosher is mandatory for her religious practices, but because she said it made her think every time she sat down to a meal about her beliefs and her relationship to Adoni.  A very connected way to practice.
I, also, agree that "one bite" can blow away years of work if food or cooked food, in particular, is a continual draw and attraction, in short, an addiction.  If a Raw Foodist is fighting addiction to certain foods that are not Raw, it's best to take the AA approach and get your 30, 60, 90+ day medals for not using.
Where I have a problem with this "one bite can kill ya'" idea is it sucks all the air out of a celebration or ritual.  Food is a celebration...of LIFE!  To say that you have to extract yourself from these traditional celebrations feels very negative to me.  It doesn't seek to find ways to permit celebrating food with the important people in your lives.  Raw Foodism should be celebrated!  It should be woven into the rituals that are extremely important in someone's life.  If it means you "pack your own", then you do, but go sit at the table with everyone else and commune!  Be happy and share without care!  You don't have to share your food offerings, but share yourself and the peace and contentment that comes from enjoying your chosen foods for you. 

I'm not stating this as clearly or succinctly as I'd like, but I hope my point is surfacing to some extent.  Maybe I need to think more on this and re-address at another time.

Well, Happy day to all!


  1. Victoria Boutenko has since retracted that theory and says she does not eat 100% raw. Kind of puts a new light on the whole book for me.

    There is a lot that happens before the one bite. What goes on in the mind before it is what interests me.

  2. I agree with you. The mental aspects of food are very intriguing. I love psychology and started to study for a master's degree, but my hearing loss made practicum difficult. And, my health was taking a downward turn at that time...but it doesn't keep me from reading up on it and discussing.

    Thanks for stopping by!