Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Good-bye, my dear Mango!

Today was the second time I had mango for breakfast.  At noon my glucose was 200, the highest it's been since June 1st.  Mangos are not my sugar buster friend.  Very sad!  I love mangos, but they don't love me.  Oh well...guess I'll need to peel them and give them to my sister and her family to eat.  They are not very adventurous food-wise, so I hope they get eating because they are very good, very sweet.  I guess not my issue once there turned over because I can't/shouldn't eat them.

Big kale chip fest at the ol' homestead today.  I'm making a bunch to send to DC so when I'm there, I'll have some of my munchy foods available.  I'll have to figure out how to make it work with Ji and Scott being gone over the weekend.  Maybe their neighbor can watch for the box and pick it up off the stoop?  I'll have to ask.

Made a delicious dinner of zucchini "pasta" and pesto with asparagus and tomato.  Finished with a chocolate mousse.  Very tasty!  After eating my first cooked meal in weeks (went out to Elliot's Bay Oyster Bar for "Adult Night Out" last night), I did OK today.  My AM glucose was 111, much better than I anticipated.

Even though I had a delicious meal, I was not riveted by it.  I was not pinying away for the chance to have another cooked meal.  The salmon was tasty and the veggies good, but I missed my raw foods in place of the cooked veggies I received.  I was a little surprised at my palate's reaction, but happy about it, too. 

Tomorrow is Seattle Day for my little sister and her kidlets (11, 9 and 6).  I'll be taking them over and doing some driving round.  Not much touring for me though.  Thank goodness!   I'll pack up a lunch and take it with me.  The kidlets are going to McDonalds, so I'll just slide in and have my lunch on the side.

Peace, love, out!

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