Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A fun side project...

I belong to a really great group of people at the "Raw Food Rehab".  One of the member is seeking spreads and dips that do not have nuts, seeds or avocado in them.  She's wants a break from nuts and seeds and is allergic to avocados.  These are stock items in many recipes, especially in dips and spreads.  Nuts pureed, make a peanut butter like consistency and are used for many dairy replacements - cheese, cream cheese, when dried - parmasian, etc.  Avocado - same idea.  It makes a great creamy base. 

So, I saw her request and not many folks had suggestions at the time.  It fits in really well with the recipe transfers I'm looking to do with French and Spanish foods.  Tapas are great for those types of things and the French have little bites of things than I'm excited to try.

Speaking of trying, I decided I wanted to try smoking vegetables off the heat of a grill.  Ya', I know you guys, you were thinking "she's already smokin' something!!"  Well, that seems to be the challenge in the raw food world with smoke flavoring on food.  It can't be heated over 118 degrees, so I figured, let's try it off the heat source!

I've invented an off heat smoker that used vent materials from Home Depot.  We'll see how well it works tonight.  I've got eggplant and a variety of "states" mushrooms (fresh - sliced and whole; frozen and thawed (less water in them).  I'll have to keep the mushrooms segregated so I know which ones are which when the taste testing comes around. 

I need to go off and review my smoking directions.  Don't want to set the house on fire.  I'm sure my family would be pleased if I did, NOT!

Peace, love, out!

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