Friday, June 4, 2010

What's to eat?

Not feeling all that philosophical today.  It's just all about the food!  I spent way too much time last night online researching and reading various blogs and joining communities about Raw Food.  I found a lovely site called Raw on $10 a day (or Less) managed by the talented Lisa V., who makes beautiful food and beautiful art.  I aspire to own one of her works some day. (She doesn't know this yet...but I do. :) 

So, following in her footsteps, I made breakfast and lunch off her May 16th menu:  Mango Pudding with Banana and Mango slices for Breakfast (left) and Fresh Tomato Basil Soup with Igor's Crackers and Lettuce/Carrot Juice for lunch (right).  The lettuce I grew myself in my little container garden.  It's been rather cool this spring, so the sheeting is to give the plants a bit of "greenhouse effect".  It seems to be working.

I have a tremendously black thumb that I'm attempting to change to some shade of green.  The windowboxes are working wonderfully.  I also took the risk and chopped off the whole head of red leaf lettuce (seen in the first box at the bottom of the photo) and risked it not growing back.  But, IT IS!!  I have little nubs coming up and I'm so proud of my little plant (and me for taking the risk of it not working). 

Happy Foodie Day to everyone!  Need to get to the library to pick up Juliano's beautifully photographed Raw cookery book. 

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